What is A.I. Department & how can you benefit?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines. In our department, we are analyzing tens of thousands of data directly out of the market and we are producing exclusive content for our customers. You can benefit from them for your daily trading. We utilize and combine data from tools such as Autochartist, Trading Central, financial statements, analyst's rating, the sentiment of traders from our mobile app, and Copy Trading.

Tradematics | trader seniment Tradematics | bloomberg Tradematics | autochartis

And many more ...

Hi, I am Andy

Hi, I am Andy. I can help you enhance your trading. I have no ego and no emotions, My memory is not limited. I can work with an infinite amount of data and evaluate. I’m capable of accurate and emotionally free judgement.

Exclusive for you

Everyday we are preparing for you an exclusive content that we get from the A.I. Department by using tools such as Autochartist, Trading Central, Financial statements, Analyst’s rating, Sentiment of traders from our Mobile App and other trading tools. Stay up-to-date on the latest market trends with A. I. Department.

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