Copy AI Trader's portfolios

Copy AI Trader's portfolios

Copy trading is a form of online trading where traders can share their trading strategies, analysis and results with other members of the community. These members then have the opportunity to copy other traders' trades or invest based on their recommendations. Investors can diversify their portfolio by copying different traders with a wide range of trading strategies.

  • Win ratio

    Win ratio is a metric that assesses the percentage of winning trades compared to the total number of trades executed. It's a measure of a trader's accuracy in making profitable trades.

  • Maximum drawdown

    Maximum Drawdown is a measure used in finance to assess the risk of an investment or trading strategy. It represents the largest percentage decline in the value of an investment or portfolio from its peak to its trough over a specific time period.

  • Average monthly return

    The average monthly return is a measure of the average percentage change in the value of an investment or portfolio over a one-month period. It is commonly used in finance to assess the performance of an investment over short time frames.

How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Create an Account on Tradematics and complete the registration process. Complete any required verification processes and deposit funds into your trading account. Explore the platform's community to find traders whose strategies align with your goals and risk tolerance. Review the performance history, risk levels, and other relevant metrics of different traders. Decide how much capital you want to allocate for social trading and allocate funds. Once you've chosen traders to follow, you can start copying their trades automatically.

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